Film & Video For Business

Film and Video - Jon Kempner Photography

I have been producing and directing short films for corporate clients (and for fun) since the late 1980’s.

My clients, past and present, include EMI Music, Close Brothers Asset Finance, Dencover Insurance, i-cover, APL Shipping, Bacardi, Micklefield Hall, Respite Kids Charity, Mercury Asset Management, Kodak, Radical Logistics and Solaglas.

Today, with digital video production and editing, telling your story and getting your message across through short films (including High Definition Video) is now very affordable to small and medium size businesses. It is no longer the preserve of multi-nationals and large production companies. Using the web to deliver and distribute your message has enabled clients to communicate and engage with their audience effectively, both internally and externally. Video grabs attention like nothing else. While people generally won’t read everything you’ve written on a web page, they are far more likely to click on a video on your web page. Websites featuring video content consistently rank higher on search engines – enabling greater audience impact for your message.

Using a creative approach, some up-to-date kit (Canon DSLR & Digital HD cameras) and a digital edit and post production suite, I write, direct, film and produce short, cinematic style, promotional and corporate films for clients to use on their websites and social media channels to promote their brands through online customer engagement.

My corporate video productions are also used at conferences, exhibitions and as internal and external communication and training tools.

I help clients build effective and profitable links between their business and the people who make it grow – staff, customers and stakeholders.

Watch some of my latest productions – here.

Please email or call me to chat about your film project.