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Business Headshots

I create professional corporate headshots that help to position you at the top of your profession.

Your professional headshot can say so much about you and your business to your clients, especially in today’s digital world. Whether it’s on your company’s website, your LinkedIn profile, Facebook or Google+ business page, it’s the one chance you have to get your “personal brand” to say “I’m worth buying into,” to a new client or a prospective employer. All the more reason not to use the photo from last year’s holiday!

I have over 20 years’ experience of photographing corporate portraits for annual reports, PR, social media, websites, and marketing collateral. My clients include senior company directors at all levels, managers, employees and business owners. I am happy to work with you on location or from my studio.

People buy people. They’ll make their initial decision of whether they like you in less than a second, primarily through a visual connection. So it’s really important to get the right tone, image and message across in your headshot.

Whether you need to propel your career in a new direction or position yourself at the top of your profession, I will guide you so that together we create a headshot that captures attention. Helping you stand out from the crowd.

Getting your professional headshot taken will keep you several steps ahead of your competitors and help you to establish your own personal brand.

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Please email or call me to book your headshot session or to find out more.